Notes: we are responsible for this program. Each tour has been chosen to offer the best quality at the best price. This company is secured accordingly to the Portuguese legislation through Caixa Agrícola Insurance Company.

This company doesn’t take responsibility for any loss or damage which aren’t caused by our services.

Reservations – could be done anytime, any day. The minimum number of people per tour is 4. We have the right to cancel each tour that doesn’t have at least 4 participants until 9pm the day before the trip. Our tours are performed in mini bus (8 people maximum), children under 6 don’t pay and children from 6 to 12 have a 40% discount. Lunch and tea not included for children under 6. Only 2 seats available required by law for children in each bus.

All our tours have lunches and tickets in museums or monuments of interest included in the price, except when the description doesn’t mention lunch and tickets for museums not included.

Availability: daily.